This course stretches for 43km around the iconic landmark
of Niseko, Yotei-zan. It runs through the towns of Kutchan,
Niseko, Makkari, Kimobetsu and Kyogoku, with moderate ups
and downs. It is guaranteed to please beginner cyclists as
well as veteran cyclist. Resting points with Yotei-san’s
natural spring water to quench your thirst awaits you in
Makkari and Kyogoku. Enjoy your ride and enjoy the view of
Mt. Yotei.



Straight roads extend through the many vast fields and
farmlands lying at the foothills of Mt. Yotei. As soon as
you take one road aside the national road, the traffic
becomes almost non-existent and a peaceful landscape
opens up in front of you. It is an ideal course to make flat
and long distance trips at a steady cadence. It is also
perfect for those who want to have a leisurely ride,
breathing fresh air and enjoying the scenery. It is also
recommended to hire cycle guides to efficiently find the
best routes.



The mountainous area of Niseko is located within the
“Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru coastal quasi-national park”,
where the “Niseko Panorama Line” and other mountain
roads connect to each other. These numbers of roads
makes a great variety of courses to choose from. This
area is also the stage for various competition events such
as the “Niseko Hanazono Hill Climb Race” or the “Tour de
Hokkaido”. It is a beautiful area, stretching from the
Niseko mountain range to the Sea of Japan, where you
will enjoy dynamic changes in the landscapes.


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