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  Please come and enjoy
cycling in the fresh air
of Niseko area.

Yoshihito Tanaka

Niseko is located in the Northern Island of Hokkaido, at about 100km south of Sapporo.
It is renowned for its beautiful natural landscapes and has been developing as
a world-class resort. Its mountain range stretches from Yotei-zan,
also known as Hokkaidofs Mt. Fuji, to the shore of the Sea of Japan. Within that range
winds the Niseko Panorama Lineh which has been capturing many domestic and
international cyclists interests. In the plains, long straight roads extend through
the vast farmlands. The roads are wide and lightly trafficked. Not a single element
lacks in this pure, gcyclistfs dreamh, environment.Mountain bike tracks have also
openedup throughout the ski resorts during summer.

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